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Images speak sometimes what words seize to. This is exactly what drives us to do what we do, capture emotional imagery that's inspired by the beauty of real connection. To capture moments you would want to go back to over and over. 

We specialize in documenting PEOPLE as authentically as possible, as they are right here and right now. As photographers we aren't huge  gear heads, we feel our way through photography as we do through life. Hence we always choose to just go with it and see what happens because for us it’s about the moments and the time being spent together. 

Like the old adage goes, the best things in life aren't actually things. Sometimes it's sheer passion to look for and capture stories that make you smile, laugh or even cry and sometimes all of them all at once. 

We are Studio Tangerine. 

We are a team of skilled photographers specializing in the best prewedding photography in Delhi. Our aesthetic is a beautiful fusion of elegance and impactful storytelling. With a strong commitment to capturing authentic, unstaged moments, we strive to tell the unique story of your wedding day. Our documentary-style approach ensures honesty, simplicity, and a full range of emotions. Every detail is frozen in time, capturing what you love most about your special day. If you resonate with our work and want to experience the best prewedding photography in Delhi, we invite you to explore our wedding blog. Feel free to reach out to us if our style resonates with you and you'd like to connect further!

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Geetanjali, Delhi

"Thank you and the team for the dedication and sincerity through the festivities. You all were absolute gems! "
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